My first documentary [8] Astra Film Festival 2016

Sibiu, 2016


The 8th edition of PMFD took place at an invitation made by Astra Film Festival Sibiu, within Astra Film Junior. The eight films made were featured in the festival on 23rd of November 2016 in Thalia Theatre in Sibiu.  The project was co-financed by the Local Council and the Sibiu City Hall through the program “2016 Community Agenda”.

Period: August – September 2016

Participants: Adrian Banciu (Onisifor Ghibu Theoretical HighSchool), Ruxandra Brad (Arts HighSchool), Hanna Budrala (Arts HighSchool), Betti Serfőző (Octavian Goga National HighSchool), Tünde Ferencz (Octavian Goga National HighSchool), Ibolya Molnos (Octavian Goga National HighSchool) Izabella Ferencz (Octavian Goga National HighSchool), Maria Blaga (Samuel von Brukenthal National HighSchool), Luca Matioc (Onisifor Ghibu Theoretical HighSchool), Luca Koren (Samuel von Brukenthal National HighSchool)

Vira team: Matei Budeș (tutor), Bogdan Pălici, Natalia Negru, Andrei Crăciun (producers), Denisa Zăbavă, Vlad Popa (assistants)

Sub Arini Park [5’41”] a film by Adrian Banciu
Sound & Color [5’58”] a movie by Ruxandra Brad and Maria Blaga
Backstage tantrums [5’42”] a film by Luca Matioc and Hanna Budrala
Family Sery [5’47”] a film by Betti Serfőző
The Commute [6’42”] a film by Izabella and Tünde Ferencz
Now I’m here [5’16”] a film by Ibyke Molnos
Making of [3’54”]


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