Ateliere de Film Documentar

Atelierele pentru liceeni introduc tineri cu vârste cuprinse între 14 şi 18 ani în lumea filmului documentar


Who are we?

Started in 2012 within the pilot project ‘Bearing, Alternative education workshop’ (Barlad), the workshops meant for high school students are introducing youngsters aged 14 to 18 to the world of documentary film-making. By working with small groups of participants (12-16) we manage to personally coach each student and we encourage teamwork in all the stages necessary to make a documentary: from identifying and developing an idea, visualising it, preparing the storyline to production and post-production.

The duration of a workshop, on average, is two weeks and consists of daily sessions and interactions with the group and tutor team (4-6 hours) but also individual work (2-3 hours). Participation is free of charge, and the necessary equipment is provided by Vira and its partners.

By participating in the workshop on documentary films, the high school students develop a complex set of skills that presume the analysis and understanding of the universe nearby, as well as visually representing a subject in that sphere. The result of each workshop is a number of four to seven short documentaries, made entirely by the students and oriented and inspired by their own lives and communities. All the movies are publicly available, in cinemas, schools, community and cultural spaces.